Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thailand likes jeans

Thai fakes of Levi's jeans have been around for a long time, but now you can also get them in a Lee or Wrangler flavour, if you prefer that!

They all have a quite a few details wrong, like redline selvedge for the Lee's and Wrangler's, selvedge on the top of the coinpocket of some Levi's, obviously disproportionate pockets on these Wranglers... actually, they aren't getting much right at all.

The Levi's version has been sold all over the world it seems, and they are actually sold in a store in Stockholm as authentic Levi's, and priced thereafter.
They are quite easy to spot - they all have the same redline selvedge, a green tint to the denim and a certain structure to the denim that you learn to recognise. The selvedge is also waxed on some pairs, to get more defined "traintracks", the fade on the outer seam.
Also, story has it that Thai workers are being payed to wear these jeans for some time and that the jeans are then sold to tourists as vintage Levi's.

One seller is pavelth, he currently has one pair of Lee's and four Wrangler's for sale. I suggest you take a look, so that you won't be fooled by these fakes!

**Update: He changed to another eBay account after getting bad feedback, his new name is vintageboys.