Friday, February 27, 2009

Harajuku Streets: Coverall

Another vintage lover I've met on the streets of Harajuku is Hide. As I've come to expect now, he only wears vintage. This day he was wearing a Can't Bust 'Em, an old sub-line of Lee, denim coverall and a leather backpack of unknown make. So simple, but it hardly gets better than this.

Hide is 26 and has been into vintage for about 5 years. He's also a hairdresser, a common profession for people who get their picture taken because of what they wear here. Hairdressers are actually some of the biggest trendsetters here!

Thanks Hide!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TAROCK with ricco, Ura-Harajuku

It has suprised me how high and consistent the level of the vintage stores here are, in terms of both goods and the atmosphere of the interior. In many stores there's literally a thousand little things lieing around for you to look at and they all create such an intriguing world.

TAROCK with ricco is one of those stores that maintain a high level in all areas. Pretty much every shop here carries American vintage from the first half of the twentieth century but they all have a slightly different profile.
This shop does have some workwear pieces but isn't focused on it. I'd say it's more of a casual and sometimes dressy store that also has small odd items and accessories. TWR also has many quirky one-off items that you won't find elsewhere.

One of the owners, Kentaro, is also a person who has inspired me a lot here in Tokyo. He wears mostly vintage but a lot of the time in his own way, like very oversized workpants and a workshirt with unpatched holes like shown below.
Akiko is equally great as an inspiration if you're a female.

Akiko and Kentaro.

I feel that this makes vintage even more interesting since it's a way of making it your own based on how you wear it and with what. The looks are not what you could find in a photo of the '40s and I appreciate that even though I'm also a fan of authenticity. There's just so many people into vintage here, it is a 'trend' or maybe rather 'style' for sure, so I like to see individuality and creativity.
Kentaro also wears designer stuff like that of Margiela together with these old pieces. I'm not a fan of designer clothing in general but I find that it works for Kentaro.
Partly because of him I now not only like vintage but also find myself appreciating more ecclectic pieces and ways to dress.

Let's have a look around inside TAROCK with ricco!

A thousand lil things!

The women's side is just as good as the men's.

Wonderful flower print Lees on the right. Items like these are why I like this shop so much.

More traditional Americana items can also be found here.

There really isn't any reason to buy replicas when you have vintage shops like this. The deadstock flannels are great and can generally be had for less than a new shirt. I prefer worn out ones though and they're even less expensive! They can usually be had for 3000-6000 yen(which used to be $30-$60, but now it's a bit more. I don't even want to think about how much the price has changed for us Europeans..).

A one wash denim workshirt from the early '50s and a brand that I had never heard of before-- Fly's. The tag alone makes me want it.

It seems that robes are coming out big this spring in vintage Tokyo. I want to wear one too when it gets warmer and this is the one I want!

By the end of this post you probably got it--if you go to Tokyo, don't miss TAROCK with ricco! I will keep posting my favourite vintage shops here, next up is ZOOL or 3DAM.