Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have together with Mads and theschemes created a forum specifically about vintage-style jeans and apparel.
The thing that's special about it, apart from the niche, is that there are representatives from a few brands there ready to answer your questions. My hope is that this will better the relations between those who can't visit the stores of these brands, for example Swedes who're interested in Ironheart will get a chance to talk to someone from Ironheart and receive the same service as if he or she visited a flagship store.
I also hope that this will draw in people with a genuine interest and keep the discussions at a good level.

The brands so far are Ironheart & FreeBee, The Flat Head, Samurai, Post Overalls, Kato, Denim Demon and BayIcon.

You're very welcome to join us if this sounds interesting. The address is

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fienden & BayIcon

Fienden and BayIcon have come together and created the essential hillbilly wear: a denim vest complete with a Southern Cross! It took the guys a lot of effort and a lot of thinking but now it's finally here for us to enjoy.

The original:

Get it at Also, have a look at the new pictures of David's Even Stevens.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Champion

David ended up winning the Nudie contest and it didn't come as a big surprise, really!

Here are his jeans after a warm wash together with another contestant and his jeans.

The prize: Denim Design Labs kit and Nudie Masa. Missin from picture: 1 bottle of Jim Beam.

Bonus pictures!

When you're going to a party you need to make sure you'll arrive there in style. This means "denim, denim, denim".
If you're bringing something to drink, carry it in a denim bag. If it's a better kind of party you need to bring a jacket.
Pictured: late 60's Levi's big E bag, FreeBee type one jacket, Samurai jeans.

Someone decided to bring his old jeans to the party, great call. I want to encourage everybody to always bring
their jeans to all parties!

1967 505, you should be able to tell by now ;)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

S0500XX 5 Months

Handwashed again, mostly to shrink them down. This is just after they'd dried, so there aren't any creases.

UPDATE: I took a couple of new pictures today, I'm thinking these might be better?