Monday, October 20, 2008

Warehouse Ebisu [Tokyo Vintage Find #1]

Warehouse has three stores in Tokyo; Harajuku, Ebisu and Machida. The store in Ebisu is the biggest, and I'd also say best, but if you're like me, you'll be going to all three anyway.

I prefer the Ebisu shop because it has the largest selection of current, and old!, jean models and because they had a 'vintage festival' going on when I went there.
So far I've almost only bought vintage clothes in Tokyo, with the only exception being something from Warehouse(more about that later). I much prefer getting vintage over replicas as it's usually cheaper for the same type of garment(jeans not included), the distressing will be decidedly authentic and, well, it's the real McCoy.

Warehouse is the number ONE Japanese brand when it comes to denim and workwear reproductions. They don't only make extremely accurate 501 replicas, they do exact replicas of jeans(and everything else, for that matter) from brands that no one has ever heard of before, or of unbranded ones that can be fully or partially handmade.
Their shops is where you can find one of a kind garments from the late 19th century reproduced.
The best thing though, is that you can also buy some of the original garments that they've based their reproductions on!
Their stock of vintage originals is big and rivals any other vintage shop in Tokyo.

Have a look at these pictures from Warehouse Ebisu. Pretty much everything you see here is vintage and not a replica.

'20s, '30s and '40s boots. '50s is too trendy!

Cook&Dunn, KEEP SMILING ALWAYS. I want this shirt.

I did get myself a little something-something. A 1960s sweatshirt that is beautifully, or disgustingly depending on who you ask, distressed and stained.
It was used as an original for a kids' sweatshirt that Warehouse made.

The back really sealed the deal. .

The fit is just what I wanted--boxy and short with broad shoulders and a collar that is pretty much a boat collar.

If you can't make it to a Warehouse shop, you can buy some of their vintage collection at their website. Have a look at these WW2 and '50s 501s for example:

arigatooooo gozaimashita!!