Friday, September 28, 2007

Fienden jeans half price

Fienden is having a combined sale of old and launch of new stuff tomorrow on the 29th.
They still have some jeans left and they will be half off.

Barnhusgatan 4, code 4347, 11.00-17.00.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Julian Red D2

Julian Red has just released the first edition of their seasonally limited model D2.
The D2 will be released in different finishes, materials and colours each season, and of course in limited numbers.

The cut is a hybrid between the California and the late Detroit - a high-ish rise, fuller legs than the California and a straight leg below the knee.
The Julian Red-signature top block is, of course, still there and that together with the silhouette in general makes this model resemble the 1947 501. But of course, the D2 feels more modern and it certainly isn't a reproduction of the '47.
It is however as versatile, the D2 can be worn high, low, loose or tight and by almost anyone.

The debuting D2 models are Sorrow(black) and Otium(offwhite).
Both models are made from rock hard 13.5oz selvedge denim from small town in Japan with a long history of denim-making. Which, you'll find out if you buy a pair.

These jeans are great for those who appreciate high-quality denim and construction but don't like traditional cuts. I hope and believe that we will some day see an indigo-dyed D2, too.

A peculiar detail; the chainstitch is 'inside out'.

All rivets and buttons are left blank.

David wearing the D2.

A few pics of what else Julian Red has to offer. The jeans with unwashed denim:

Cali-X Origin Blue. This denim is actually resined. It's my favourite because of its color and structure though.

Hoboken No Wash. Lady high in the same denim to the right. The best (modern style) women's jeans.

California No Wash in a new denim.

The Jacoby II in a very nice grey Japanese denim.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Samurai S0500XX 8 Months & Wash

I've now worn my jeans for eight months, effective time. I have soaked them with detergent several times before but never actually washed them. The soaks didn't remove any color but unfortunately not much else either, so I had to give the jeans a wash.

Please note that the color is not as blue as in the outdoor pictures.

Perhaps the most accurate representation of the color.

Compared to 8 months APC.

I think that the Samurai denim is clearly better than that of APC. More shades, more color, heavier weight. The APC denim gets a nice, grainy texture after a year or so and several washes, though.

After wash. I only washed them in 40*C so they didn't lose much color at all. The biggest difference is the thighs, they were more greyish before the wash.
It's a big plus that they don't lose much color from a wash, that means you'll get almost all fading from actual wear and not just from washing. This is why Japanese denim is famous.

I have repaired the backpocket many times. The snap on my wallet has almost worn through three layers of denim.
The denim of the backpocket is getting thin in many places, so I have put a patch covering the whole inside of the backpocket. I made the patch from the cut-off denim I got when I hemmed the jeans and I hope to get a nice change of shade in the most worn places, from light blue back to dark blue, and then to light blue again!