Saturday, March 15, 2008

Studio Zero

The latest Japanese brand to go international and join the fellow expats in Sweden is Studio Zero.

Studio Zero is a very small brand, even compared to other niche brand such as Samurai. A testament to this is the fact that every pair is sewn together by the same person. Each pair is also marked by hand - look at the left pocket bag.
Unlike Samurai the cut and detailing is not very close to vintage Levi's, but there is still some trace of heritage - (fully) lined backpockets, donut buttons in the fly and a 'Z' stitch at the top button which is a play on the 'V' stitch found on old Levi's.

The styling is not my cup of tea, actually it's quite far from it, but the build quality of the jean is very high, so I would not hesitate to recommend these jeans to someone who's more open-minded than I am.
The denim is 13.5 oz and will probably fade as well as that of any other Japanese brand.

Studio Zero can be found at Sivletto, where I went to take these pictures, Solo, Caliroots and Haberdashery.