Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nudie Spring/Summer 2010

A short preview of Nudie's Lab and Dry Selvage collections for the coming spring of 2010.

Many of you are probably familiar with Nudie's Lab line. Up until this coming spring it's been the home of Nudie's premium models. This changes from Spring, when the Dry Selvage line debuts. The 'Dry Selvage' has been around since the early days of Nudie but it will from then on be where all the.. dry.. selvage jeans will be placed.

Notice the denim and denim/suede jackets too?

This includes the regular dry selvages, like the all-time favourite Regular Alf Dry Selvage, but also the premium editions that are premiered next season.
Coming is a cashmeredenim*, a hemp-denim and a 100% natural indigo-denim.

Natural indigo, hemp, silk.

These specials will come in hand-made wooden boxes and together with a denim themed photobook.

The Lab line will house the more worked and distressed models and the selvage jeans that aren't dry or raw. It also offers experimental garments like a leather/denim baseball jacket.

Just a small part of the line. There's also distressed denim shirts and jackets.

My favourite wash is this one:

It's not perfect(no wash can ever be) but some parts of the distressing has been done very well; the holes and repairs on the knees and the tears and repairs at the heal. I hope the pairs that come out of production have as much attention to detail.

The final new change is that Nudie will offer more types of leather wallets from Spring on. There's even the denim/leather hybrid thing, like the one Japanese Samurai has made before.

And while on the subject of Nudie: They have (finally) started their own denim contest. Check it and the results so far out here.

*I made a mistake and told you there would be a silk-mix pair, but it's actually a cashmere-mix instead.