Tuesday, August 15, 2006


3.5 Months, before first soak.

4 Months, after first soak, before second.

The continued whisker is wearing out. I will repair this soon, before this turns into a hole.

4 Months, after second soak.

As you can see, they didn't lose any color at all from these two soaks. I soaked them in 15-20*C for 3-3.5 hours and then rinsed them, both times. It is good to know that you can handwash these without losing any color, like if you spill something after just wearing these for one week, they won't be "ruined" like some jeans will.
However, there is still a reason not to wash too early - honeycombs. Honeycombs take a lot of time to develop and get sharp, and if you wash your jeans before they have sharp honeycombs, you pretty much have to start over from scratch.
If you want defined honeycombs and a distinct fade there, I suggest you wear your jeans for 60-90 days, or however long it takes for your jeans to get sharp 'combs, before washing or soaking.


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I agree about the honeycombs. There seems to be a fad for soaking (started over on superfuture)which is entirely unjustifyed IMO. Soaking doesn't really "get the shrinkage out of the way" as they say on SF. Most shrinkage occurs during the first three (!) warm washes, but in fact jeans will continue to shrink (albeit by a lesser amount) through the 10th wash. Also, fears about wear and fade marks 'shifting' after the first soak/wash are also overblown. Even with unsanforized jeans, shrinkage is only about 10%. A wear mark at the knee (which is, say, half way up the jeans) will therefore only shift an inch or two. This is about the same effect that occurs if you simply tighten or loosen your belt... so soaking is not warranted on these grounds either.