Monday, November 06, 2006

Sugarcane in Sweden!

Caliroots just started selling Sugarcane jeans, what a nice surprise! Solo is also going to start selling Sugarcane and I thought they'd be the first to do so as they're the #1 store for denim in Sweden, with Weekday close behind, but Caliroots definitely beat them to it!
Cali used to sell the Californian/Japanese brand Tenderloin, so maybe this shouldn't have been so surprising.

They are currently stocking the two standard models - the Levi's 501 1947 model and the Lee 101B 1945 model and two more spectacular models - the Okinawa and the Hawaii model.
The '47 has no arcuates on the backpockets, because Levi's went after Sugarcane and probably scared them quite a bit since even the jeans sold in Japan now come with blank backpockets.
The '45s still have the Lee lazy 'S', maybe Lee isn't as aggressive as Levi's?

I'm not digging the fit on the pics they have on their website, but don't let that scare you away, go to the store and try them on or read my guide if you are not able to visit the store.
Mind you, these are all mid-to-high waists and I suggest you wear them as such because of the hip flare.

I'll go try them on as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

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spacelounge said...

Thanks, nice with some feedback! :)

Anonymous said...

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ddml said...

glad to see you are keeping up with the blog.

i disagree with your position on wearing vintage jeans in the vintage fashion---that is, wearing high waisted jeans up high. it feels inauthentic to me, after all, we are living in the present.

in any case, when i did wear my sugar cane hawaii's high on the waist as intended, it resulted in a rather unseemly crotch-bulge. when i let them settle on the widest part of my hips, the jeans seemed to relax.

tangent: i wonder when belts became more popular than braces...

in any case, keep it up!


spacelounge said...

I'm not an aspiring style police, I just thought it would be a good idea to inform the readers about how the jeans in question fit.
Someone who isn't used to vintage cuts and wants to wear these low could be very disappointed if he ordered a pair of these without knowing about the wide hips.

I like wearing my jeans (Japanese) jeans high because of a couple of things;
- wearing them high enables me to wear a smaller size, which is good because I'm a quite slender build.

- I'm really tired of the low, skinny jeans look. I also just simply like the look of high waisted jeans. It has whole different feeling to it, especially when worn with a shirt tucked in and some boots!

- Wearing them high reduces the bulge around the hips.

It's certainly possible to wear repros low and you are free to do so if you want to, without defending your choice.
I know more than a few people who wear vintage cuts and they all, except for one guy, wear them low and make it look good.

And yeah, thanks!

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