Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nudie Even Steven

My friend David has been wearing a pair of Nudie's new Even Steven jeans for the last four months. He's in Nudie's own contest and I think he has a good chance of winning.

In my opinion the denim used in the Even Steven Dry is the best looking denim that Nudie has, even better than their selvedge denim because of the vertical fading, but it's not very heavy, only 12-12.5oz or so. They don't hold up all that well, but bear in mind that David wears his jeans quite hard, too. The color isn't that deep either, but still, it's a pretty nice pair of jeans.

Here's what David has to say about his jeans:
I've been using my Stevens since November 16th with the exception of about a week. They've gotten wet from below the knee down. That happened when I got into a speedboat that was gonna take us from the island of Koh Maak to the smaller island Koh Wai.

I'm a little dissapointed with the quality of these jeans, mostly because of how quickly the crotch got busted. Of course its not a really heavy denim and it's nice to get such results in such a short period of time but still I'd rather get really deep whiskers and honeycombs over a longer period of time than have a pair of jeans that aren't coloured deep enough.

They've had to put up with the mildest winter ever in Stockholm, many long walks along the beaches of Thailand, about an hour of elephant trekking in the djungle of Koh Chang, exploring the djungle of Koh Wai by foot, a motorbike ride around Koh Maak (about half of the island's roads are paved, the rest is sand and dry mud, it's really dusty) , many long walks along the heavy traffic in Bangkok and of my everyday sweat and body. I passed out in these jeans about five times after a few really wet nights...


Alexander said...

Really nice jeans!
I wrote about you at, check it out!

I've been wearing my J. Lindeberg Black Ted (raw) since I bought them, around Christmas. I also another pair of Ted (raw blue) that I've been wearing without washing in 8 months.

Time to face the washing machine!

David said...

Fan va bra det blev! grymt!

barely_broke said...


Gotta say I that I love your blog. It has become my 'jeans bible'. Great job!

I just wanted to ask your opinion about some jeans. I'm looking to buy a new pair of jeans (most likely Nudies as they're easy to find here in Australia). I want to get a pair which I can wear with both sneakers for a casual style and maybe leather shoes/loafers (along with a nice shirt and dinner jacket for more formal occasions). What type of jeans would you recommend? If I was to buy Nudies it would probably be a toss up between the "Even Stevens" and new "Average Joe's" What do you think?

Or is there any other brands that you would recommend? I would try to refrain from buying online as I have had trouble getting the correct sizes/fit previously (i.e. APC Stardard jeans). By the way I wear a size 32-33 waist depending on make.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


spacelounge said...

Hi barely broke, I think Average Joe would be more versatile as the ES doesn't look very good when it isn't worn low.
I can't tell you what else to buy as I don't know what's available in Australia, Imperial maybe?

Mr_Binli and his fade said...

i love ur blog.
But one thing i need to know
u said"In my opinion the denim used in the Even Steven Dry is the best looking denim that Nudie has..."
can i ask is there ES dry or ES organic dry?
i usually don't understand the real difference with them.

sorry my english is bad.^^"

David said...

These ones are Even Steven Dry. The organic ones have a green cast to them and contrast stichings.

Anonymous said...

lovin the Nudie Jeans!

Flavio said...


I would like to know what you think about dry cleaning jeans early. I got mud all over my SJDJ and took them to the dry cleaner. They are clean now, but do u think the chemicals in the dry cleaning may effect the denim? They are 1.5 months old and were fading fine until then. Now they are a little softer and the creases dont show as much. Is the magic fading process gone? said...

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