Thursday, April 03, 2008

Denim Demon A/W 2008

Their collection for autumn/winter 2008 is the Denim Demon brothers' first shot at making other garments than jeans.

The first addition and natural extension of the line is of course the denim shirt. This design is mostly inspired by one of Lee's old shirts, bar the pocket-flaps which are more reminiscient of 60's Wrangler shirts.

Another safe bet but always welcome piece is the sweatshirt. On the chest is a drawing by Anton of the type of drum that the Samian medicine men use. On it is doodled the demon, a drawing of their father's birthplace, traditional Samian symbols etc.
The cuff is extra wide for that 1940's groove.

There's also three non-denim shirts in this collection.

And, getting down to the nitty gritty, there are two new jean models for this fall.
The first one is Juvvie, 'belt' in Samian, and is decidedly inspired by Lee's 1930's Cowboy models, just look at the triple-stitch on the yoke. The fit is slightly looser than the Aajja.

One raw and two washed Juvvies.

There's also the new version of Sarves. This time it's a play on Levi's 1920's 201s, with the exposed rivets, cinchback and suspender buttons.
The cut is the same as that of the Juvvie and the denim is the same as the one being used in this season's Sarves.

The Aajja cut is of course carried over to the next season and is also expanded with three washes(Gunnar, Bengt-Erik and Anna-Britt) and a jet-black raw denim.

Denim chore jacket, Plaave. It will actually be made in the same unsanforized denim as Sarves but shown above is a sample of the coat in the regular Aajja denim.



Anonymous said...

Äntligen en uppdatering.
Mina Demoner är fint slitna nu så jag borde få gå med i din lilla klubb snart...

spacelounge said...

Vilken klubb menar du? Förklara dig så kanske vi kan fixa nåt!

blueblood said...

the denim shirt looks amazing. do you know if theres going to be a denim-jacket from DD anytime ?

keep up the good work with this blog !

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金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン

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