Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm afraid that my previous post was not accurate. I was contacted by Levi's and told that McCoy will not be making the '47 for them.
I'm very sorry to have posted misleading information, but I will make up for it by posting a look at the autumn/winter collection of LVC.

Also, I will try to get some general information about LVC and if there's anything you've been pondering, write it down here and I will forward it to Levi's.


octopandda said...

Oh no... This is a real disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Please ask them why their '47 is slim, but most of the repro's are loose, relaxed, or comfort fit.

Anonymous said...

Can we find out what country they will be producing them once Taylor Togs shuts down?

Sarah Hall said...

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