Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Interesting eBay

Even though I'm in one of the worlds greatest cities when it comes to shopping, eBay remains my number one stop shop. It's great place to get older for less, and if you let what pops up on eBay dictate what you wear, you're bound to have a very interesting style after a while.
Please note that I'm only talking about the Vintage section, the rest I couldn't care less about.

You already have replica jeans, so why not get another piece of history to match your 1873 XX? It's actually possible to purchase a high quality copy of the original 1873 patent for riveted waist overalls, given to Jacob Davis and later passed on to Levi Strauss.

Go here to purchase your copy. Then, carry it with you at all times, in your cherished single backpocket.

Lots of Levi's lately, ne? Let's continue the streak.

Women's Levi's are ridiculously inexpensive on eBay, regardless of condition. I've seen deadstock 701s go for $70. Right now there is a pair of deadstock 1947-1951 701XX in size 34x32(31x29 after wash) up for grabs, current price is just $100.
It's cheaper than the reproductions, if you could even find a pair of them, and even if they weren't, they'd still be worth it. But could you bring yourself to wearing them? I personally intend to get at least one pair of deadstock vintage Levi's to break in, but I don't know if I could sacrifice a pair of jerky tag ones just for my own pleasure.
I'd probably get a pair of '70s 501s from Fake Alpha, Harajuku, instead and keep the old stuff for display purposes. I'm such a softy.

Good luck shopping!


Anonymous said...

Do you know why Cone decided to change the selvege i.d from red to pink on the 701?

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