Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rising Sun & Co.

I don't know how I could have missed Rising Sun & Co., considering the level their product seems to be on. Actually, I do recall seeing them in stores in Tokyo, but there isn't enough energy in any person in the world to pay attention to all the small, upcoming reproductional brands in Japan and elsewhere.

I stumbled on again today though, and now I'm marvelled by how nice their jeans look. Apparently they make all pairs themselves in their studio on old vintage machines, giving the jeans a look that can't be had with modern machines. And they really pay attention to details, as shown on their blog:

It also isn't a Japanese brand, but a brand from Pasadena. They really seem to be an American Ooe Yofukuten & Co! (Except I don't think they're all married.)
(Sidenote two: This is really the type of blog that Levi's should have for their LVC line; explaining and comparing reproductions to originals.)

And, while on a roll of referencing brands, they seem to be a lot like what I hope Blue Highway can become, and they show that it's possible to do it in the West, too.

With no personal experience of the brand I don't have much more to say, and won't, but maybe you have? Has anyone tried or bought a rising sun?

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Cottonduck said...

I actually have a pair of those jeans pictured, they're great I should really get around to posting a review up on my site one of these days
Happy New Year btw, hope all is well.

The Buzzard said...

Some months ago wrote about the denim hunter Brit Eaton (appeared in Outside Magazine etc., check January 2009). He's wearing the same pants (Blacksmiths) - and seems to be happy with them:

New York Times dubbed Eaton a "fashion archaeologist": Indiana Jeans (March 9, 2008):

spacelounge said...

Happy new year Samual & Buzzard!
Would love to hear your opinion Sam.

Buzz-- thx for you Berlin info. I went to B&S and the Red Wing store. B&S is rather small but have a good selection. I'm rather jaded now though, so it's really hard for any shop to deserve the 'great' mark from me.
They guys are real nice though and funnily enough I won their Alpha collab bomber jacket in a Christmas giveaway.
It's real warm. I tried trading it for the 50s vintage bomber my friend was wearing, though. About 20 times or so I tried but he just wouldn't let it go :(

The Buzzard said...

Happy New Year, always a pleasure to visit your blog!

P S Haha. Nice try with the Bomber. Now and then original (≥ 40 years old) MA-1's pop up for a rather modest sum. If you want to stick to the purring sound of Scovill zippers etc. The other day I noticed a couple from if not the 50s so at least the early 70s at Vintage Trends:

bench jeans said...

The detail on the jeans is great. Amazing to think they are all hand made, refreshing!

t-shirts said...

Fantastic detail on this denim. Will have to keep a look out for this brand.

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Nobanno said...

I like the look with two button back. They also used a jeans sleeve at back. I want to collect this