Thursday, July 06, 2006


So, I got this a week or two ago but have been too lazy to post pics. Here it is, at last.

It is a 1936 506 model, which is also my favourite, together with the 507 which is pretty much the same except for the second chest pocket.

Probably the best budget denim jacket there is. They are currently having a campaign with a reduced price, it is now 14 700 yen instead of 19 800. Very limited numbers though, there are like 5 jackets left.
The denim is around 14-15oz and is slightly slubby. The texture is much like that of my Samurai's, but the color is different.

The real thing


matthieu said...


I really like this jacket and I would like to purchase it but I didnt find the mail of the retailer for asking him if he send clothes to France.
If you can help me send me a mail at

Thanks very much.

spacelounge said...


If anyone else is interested, here's what I wrote:

Hi, the email I used to contact them was
You need to get a Rakuten account though, there is a guide on how to create a Rakuten account on the forum at, but it has been down for a couple of days. Check it out when it's back up again.
You can also order through, it will cost you around $193 then. If you order directly from the shop, it will cost you around $150.

Use to translate the page. Check the measurements and remember that it shrinks a bit when you wash it!

pete said...

Hi, can you comment on the fit of the SD 103's as I only have 1 day to decide whether to purchase them. I am thin, but am not looking for anything really tapered, but also not baggy. Trying on the current 501's STF they are way too baggy in the rear and in the legs. typically i am a 29 or a 30 in diesel. please let me know what you think.



TypicalFashion said...

when you bought this, did you get spammed like crazy afterword? i did.

spacelounge said...

hmm, actually I am getting spammed a little, but I don't know when it started. :/

seatiger said...

Hi, could you help me with the sizing of this jacket? I am not sure if the L will fit a 42" chest.