Monday, July 03, 2006

SD-103 @ 3 months


Anonymous said...

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that your website is really nice. My name is Matt and I Wash and Design denim for a living. I work with Rogan, Levis, RRL, Earnest Sewn and 45 RPM, all of which are using Japanese Fabrics this season (2007). Really interested in talking with you about Denim and asking you some Questions. My email is
Thanks and Nice work on your jeans!!!

pete said...

Hi, can you comment on the fit of the SD 103's as I only have 1 day to decide whether to purchase them. I am thin, but am not looking for anything really tapered, but also not baggy. Trying on the current 501's STF they are way too baggy in the rear and in the legs. typically i am a 29 or a 30 in diesel. please let me know what you think. I also have access to 45rpm, and sugarcanes but i have not been able to look into them too much as the sites are in japaneese with impropper translation.



Roland said...

Nice! I can't beleive how much these changed in one month. Did you wear them harder this month? In addition, could you post info on how you washed your jeans, if you do. Lastly, have you noticed any vertical fading in areas of high wear?

spacelounge said...

Thanks! No, I actually didn't wear them very hard. They just wear kind of fast.
I haven't washed them yet, but it will probably be a 40*C wash when I do.
The vertical threads are quite easy to see at the lightest parts, between the backpockets and on the thighs and whiskers. It's not that obvious but you should be able to see it on the pics.
They will never look the same as Eternals or Flatheads though.

Anonymous said...

<3 your website alot. Reall nice display of denims info and stuff.

When you wash, is it hand-wash or machine-wash? Would a hot soak have the same effect?

spacelounge said...

machine wash removes more indigo. I suggest you machine wash when your jeans are "ready" and hand wash before that.

I warm soak the first time to shrink down the jeans. It does the same thing as a machine wash, just in a more gentle way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! said...

The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.