Sunday, March 04, 2007

S0500XX, first repair

I'm approaching the three month mark and I just made the first repair on my jeans. The metal snap on my big wallet had worn through the denim, and it wasn't a surprise that it would happen, I'd rather say it's inevitable with this kind of wallet. A good reason to buy the long version instead.

I had cut off a long piece of each leg when I had the jeans hemmed, so I took some of it to use for this repair. I intend to do all repairs with this denim.
I hot soaked the scrap denim before using it, because the S0500XX shrank both the second and third time I soaked them, remember? I wouldn't want the patch to shrink more than the rest of the jeans when I do the first wash.
I also made sure to match the weave of the patch to the pocket.

As I don't have access to a sewing machine at the moment, I had to sew it by hand. It worked out quite well I think and it's hard to see that the jeans have been repaired. I also tried to match the direction of the stitches to the weave.

The injury..

Look at how much the color has changed!

The result.


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After only 3 months the jean was already damaged?? wow that is very quick, wonder how it may look after a year of use.