Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Evisu F/W 2007

Evisu has been trying to regain their reputation as the world's best brand for denim and jeans for some time now, and their latest effort is their first full men's and women's collection, shown in New York City at Bryant Park's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
This was a nice surprise to me; both that they actually did a full high-end line and the look of the line itself.
The collection was supposedly inspired by "twentieth century Japan, and the merging of the East and the West" but the collection looked more like just mid twentieth century and not so much Japan, apart from a few kimonos and pieces from the women's line, which to me is a good thing.
Not everything was good though, there were a couple of things that were a bit too spaced out, like the jeans with selvedge on the outside..
The thing I liked seeing the most was the fact that there was one pair of jeans that were very inspired by late 1800 501's, I really hope to see more retro designs like that!

'Read More' for runway photos and more!

Indigo silk satin dress to the right.

Indigo silk and denim hakama suit.

Print says "58% don't want washing."

No gulls! Nevda style one-pocket jeans.

Designers Bonita Newby and Johnny Diamandis. I wonder what his jeans are..

I don't want to hype this collection too much, it certainly isn't the best of this year, but because of what I've been seeing from Evisu EU Ed. my expectations were.. well, I actually didn't have any expectations! That's why I was so pleasantly surprised by this collection.
I hope that Evisu will keep improving, and improving in this case pretty much means;
  • start selling jeans from the Japanese line outside of Japan, or at least start making jeans to the same specifications as those
  • start offering jeans without the gulls
  • stop giving away jeans to celebrities
  • focus more on authenticity and quality of construction of denim, than on innovating designs
I know that things are at least going in this direction, since some things are made from denim from Japanese mills like Kaihara and Kuroki.
Also, Hidehiko Yamane is now on the board of the directors, hopefully he still "has it."

Other news about Evisu - they just opened a flagship store in Copenhagen. Not too far away from me, hopefully I'll be able to visit it soon.

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