Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bayicon Street Cowboy

Swedish Bayicon just released their new limited model, the Street Cowboy, and I paid them a visit to have a look at it!
It is inspired by early 20th century models and comes with a cinch-back, suspender buttons and suspenders to go with them. No belt loops! The leatherpatch is also centered, just like the old times.
The denim is 11oz redline selvedge, made in Portugal, where the jeans are also sewn, and supposedly woven on a narrow loom from the 1930's.

The best thing about Bayicon, and what sets them apart, is the triple-stitching, inspired by early Lee-models, and the felled seams. There is no overlock stitching to be seen anywhere on their jeans!

The Street Cowboy fetches a hefty price at 2000 SEK, 295 USD or 215 EUR.
They will be available for purchase at

Caliroots & Sivletto, Sweden and online
Wallace, Denmark
Bond, United Kingdom
The Lawn, Singapore
Mackdaddy, Japan

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Left: Pocketbag print. Right: Bag that comes with the jeans.

Bay Icon is also coming out with a lined jacket and an unlined shirt-jacket for fall, as well as a pair of shoes!

Comes with a handkerchief.