Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Champion

David ended up winning the Nudie contest and it didn't come as a big surprise, really!

Here are his jeans after a warm wash together with another contestant and his jeans.

The prize: Denim Design Labs kit and Nudie Masa. Missin from picture: 1 bottle of Jim Beam.

Bonus pictures!

When you're going to a party you need to make sure you'll arrive there in style. This means "denim, denim, denim".
If you're bringing something to drink, carry it in a denim bag. If it's a better kind of party you need to bring a jacket.
Pictured: late 60's Levi's big E bag, FreeBee type one jacket, Samurai jeans.

Someone decided to bring his old jeans to the party, great call. I want to encourage everybody to always bring
their jeans to all parties!

1967 505, you should be able to tell by now ;)


\︶ι.﹀/ said...


just want to ask u a question

how come all of ur jeans are so pretty ?

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