Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have together with Mads and theschemes created a forum specifically about vintage-style jeans and apparel.
The thing that's special about it, apart from the niche, is that there are representatives from a few brands there ready to answer your questions. My hope is that this will better the relations between those who can't visit the stores of these brands, for example Swedes who're interested in Ironheart will get a chance to talk to someone from Ironheart and receive the same service as if he or she visited a flagship store.
I also hope that this will draw in people with a genuine interest and keep the discussions at a good level.

The brands so far are Ironheart & FreeBee, The Flat Head, Samurai, Post Overalls, Kato, Denim Demon and BayIcon.

You're very welcome to join us if this sounds interesting. The address is


knivlisa said...

Hhaha.. Vore kul om du tyckte jag var lite töntig, men tyvärr så är allt spiksant.

Eller skönmåla och skönmåla. Jag hånskrattade såklart inte barnen rakt i fejan, men fästingen satt precis bredvid analen.

David said...

This is going to be a great forum! almost as good as getting ticks in your anus!