Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not denim, still wonderful

I just got this in the mail, a Levi's Saddleman gingham shirt, turquoiseXwhite!

I sort of collect vintage gingham shirts and this one my best shirt so far, in regards to the condition, age and details. I'm trying to get one shirt in every color and turquoise is definitely a must, the only color that could top it is orange!

I bought this shirt through eBay and it was sold as a 1950's shirt, but I wouldn't put too much trust in that. I'm having troubles dating it myself, because I don't know much about the history of the Saddleman. My guess is that this shirt is no later than mid 1960's, judging by the cut and general details, like the shape of the collar.
I wonder if the sawtooth pockets gives any information about the age?

This is great! Funny that Levi's put so much effort into the tag - look at the cowboy's jeans, they've tried to replicate the denim twill! Theres also a 'red tab' and backpockets with arcuates. This is too much!

Stamped inside the bottom part of the shirt. What does it mean?

Help me date this shirt!

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