Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Denim shoes

A different kind of denim on denim, that won't necessarily make you look Canadian.

First out are the Dubbleworks 9605 deck shoes. The inspiration comes from the 1970's and you've seen this model before, it's also produced by Keds and Vans.

The upper is a very fine denim, a very soft left-hand twill woven with very thin threads.
Comes in blue(I'm not sure if it's actually indigo) and grey. The grey denim, referred to by Dubbleworks as black, is dyed with sulphur. I wonder if they will fade.

Some of the inside is lined with leather and the part around the lacing is suede.

Next up is a pair of 1996 Keds. You probably recognise this model as well, at least if you're Swedish. A great simple and good looking model that I would very much like to wear, but unfortunately these are too small for me. They are actually women's shoes, so I got them a couple of sizes bigger, but apparently not big enough.
They'll be great as decorations, though.

I love this, almost a play on Levi's patch, like the Japanese brands. The blue tab also adds to this feeling. The two details combined makes me think that Keds actually tried to imitate Levi's a little, so great and so fun!

Look at the difference in the denim, the Dubbleworks denim is very fine while the Keds denim is quite heavy and coarse.


Cotton Duck said...

Ah man you have those Dubbleworks shoes.
I was eyeing them a little while ago. How do you like 'm so far?

spacelounge said...

They're great, only thing is that they're a bit long, at least for me, but it's not an issue.

I'm kinda wishing I got the blue ones, they're such a great color.

Foxy said...

loooove these

no denims, no life said...

my god,so kinda jeans' book...

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