Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Audience with the King

A while ago I got the opportunity and pleasure to meet one of the founders of Acne (Action) Jeans, Jonny Johansson.

For those who aren't educated on Swedish denim history, I can tell that Acne's entrance into the clothing industry in 1997 and what gave them recognition was their first blue jeans with red seams and the flame tag on the backpocket.

They were originally made in only 100 pairs as a promotion for the Acne that was then mainly an advertising agency but when the jeans became popular, another branch of Acne was created and more jeans were made.

I have a pair of Acne jeans with red seams as well as a denim jacket with the same details.
Jonny helped me date them and as it turns out, they're both from 1998-1999! That means they're from the first or second rerun of this model but not from the first hundred pairs.

Jonny with my jeans and jacket.

I like these jeans not only because of their history and their significance but also because the denim is very nice. It's quite heavy at 14 ounce per square yard and has a slightly different blue hue, a little black-ish. It's the denim I like the best from Acne.

The story about when I found the jacket is quite funny. First I was talking to someone about how great the first Acne jeans were and right after that I went to an unsorted second hand store. I was very uninspired but decided to take a quick look anyway since I was nearby, and one of the first things I saw was this jacket!
When I rode the subway after making this great find, I sat next to someone with a pair of the same jeans and they had really taken on the dirty look that was discussed in the comments here.

The denim was produced by an Irish mill that went bankrupt not long after the first Acne jeans were made.

The jacket is like a skinny Levi's type 3 jacket.

If you too are a fan of these jeans you'll be happy to hear that Acne is producing them again for their tenth anniversary. The anniversary collection will contain the 'best' or most iconic garments that Acne has made in the ten years since 1997.
I truly hope that the denim will be like on the originals.

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Patrik said...

Cool blogg!
Kolla in www.tuppenja.com/bluehighway för att läsa lite om vintage-jeans. De killarna vet vad de snackar om.

Deep said...

this is the first time i heard about Acne Jeans.
are these sold in other european countries as well?

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