Tuesday, October 23, 2007

S0500XX, repairing again

Time takes its toll. I've repaired these jeans a handful of times now, but it's mostly been smaller things, as a whole the jeans are still in very good condition.

This time I repaired the right pocketbag, the backpocket again and the area below the crotch.

Some of you remember that I had to repair my SD103s under the crotch after four months of wear. I attribute this difference to the fact that my piggies are and were much stiffer and coarser and that they were a bit more snug. They are great jeans and top quality, just wash out the starch before wearing if you want to avoid holes before six months have passed.

There was still some time before it would wear through completely, but I like preventive repairs.

Before and after.

I've been keeping my keys in this pocket.


Anonymous said...

to wash out the starch, its just to soak them and wear until they are dry?

Anonymous said...

I love the layers of patches on the wallet area.

Rikard said...

cool stuff

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