Monday, September 15, 2008


UES is a small, just two shops big, and interesting high-quality Japanese brand. I went to their store in Daikanyama today after looking at their homepage and used gallery many, many times.
I was not disappointed, the store is as cozy as the website and I found the best denim shirt I've seen so far in Tokyo, and I've looked at many, for example Flat Head, Warehouse, Studio D'artisan, Fullcount, Omnigod.

UES makes four models; 400R Regular straight, 400S Slim straight, 400B Bootcut, and A401XX Classic, which resembles a 1937 501 in details, but the cut is regular with a normal rise.
All models are unisex and therefore the rise on all models is medium height.
The denim used is a dark and stiff 14.9oz denim for all models except the A401XX which has a lighter shade but still stiff denim.
UES will repair all UES jeans and in their shop they had jeans hanging, waiting for repair. I looked at them and the one that caught my eye the most was a pair of A401XX.
It had been used for over a year and repaired many times all over, and I could tell that it had never been washed. I could knock on the denim and it would make a sound, like it was made out of wood. It was so incredibly stiff from all the built up dirt and starch!

And contrary to popular belief, cellphones in Japan are huge! They are in fact so huge that you have to buy them their own bib, and so I did at UES.

Tetsu thought my new jeans were too long, so he hemmed them for me.

He hammered the folded hem before he sew it.

UES website
UES goodies
UES at J-Fabled
UES fading samples at J-Fabled


lillDavid said...

Fan Erik, Man blir ju inte lite avundsjuk på dig alltså... La han upp dina Levis eller köpte du nya brallor där?

Har du vart i Ueno än?

Du borde fan uppdatera bloggen varje dag nu!

din jävel ;)

spacelounge said...

Han la upp mina Ooe Yofukuten! 4free!

Har inte varit i Ueno än, har varit busy med mestadels Harajuku och lite Shibuya, Daikanyama och Ebisu.
Kanske drar till Ueno eller Shimokitazawa idag.

Vill du ha Levi's 125orna förresten? Jag ska köpa dom, de är bäst!!

Jag skulle kunna uppdatera 5ggr per dag.. ;)

Kom visit me man!

White Hart said...

I love your blog! Tokyo is amazing. It will be the experience of a lifetime. Have fun!

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It's the nicest store in Daikanyama! I've been visiting that place since the opening. I just love their brands. Everything is perfect, specially their models!

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