Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Samurai S0505XX

The denim of these jeans is quite slubby and irregular, and contains little starch. As a result the denim is not as stiff as my Studio D'Artisans, but it is still quite rough, and it still drapes more like raw, stiff denim and not as washed, crappy and thin denim. I have only worn them for a few hours so far, but it seems that they will crease pretty well.


Raw ---------- After warm soak
Waist 79 ------- 75,2
Thigh 29,5 ----- 28,4
Inseam 96-97 -- 92
Rise 28 --------- 27
Hem 20,3 ------ 19,5

measured like this, except I measure the rise all the way up to the waistband:

The waist does stretch out quite easily, I expect it to stretch roughly 2".
You can order these directly from Samurai, without using bid-service, so the price is a bit lower than what you'll usually pay for a pair of Japanese jeans, I payed about 220USD.


Derrick said...

hey this is xcoldricex. nice jeans- they fit you really well- post more pics up of these in a few months!

spacelounge said...

hey there, and thanks! :)
yeah, I will definitely update with pics of the progress, however I am going to wear my SD's for 4 more months before I start wearing these more often!

Anonymous said...

I have a question, you write that you can order jeans from the Samurai home page, but it's all in japanese, so how do you go about ordering if you don't read japanese?


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