Saturday, June 17, 2006

Black Samurai's

Within the next few days Samurai will release their S5000BK (Limited Edition) and then you will finally be able to buy black jeans that actually fade like blue jeans! The S5000BK will be made of the same 17 oz Zero denim as the S5000VX, but will of course be black(sulphur?) instead of indigo dyed. The leather patch will be black instead of tan.
The old S0710BK is one of the few(only?) black jeans that fade in a way that is similar to indigo-dyed jeans. I believe that they were made of the same denim as the S5000BK will be made of. Samurai says that the S5000BK will have good "color-falling", so it probably is the same denim, I'll try to get more information on these jeans soon.

S0710BK worn every day for 18 months

The S5000BK will of course fit like the S5000VX, slightly slimmer than the 710's and quite similar to the Studio D'Artisan SD-103's I think, except for a tad higher rise. I will go down 1 or 2 sizes from my SD-103's when buying the S5000's.

Pics and measurements of the S5000VX
S3000VX and S5000VX worn
S0710BK pics


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about purchasing a pair of the black Samurai;s. I am a 31 inch waist. What size should i buy and how is the best way to start the fading process, should i wear first and then soak or soak first? Should i hot soak or cold soak. My email is Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Jacob

blueblood said...

black denim is realy looking forward to see more black jeans in the future.

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