Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I ordered a pair today, I decided to go with size 29 because I was afraid that 28 would be to small even after stretching 2 inches. I will be selling them if it isn't the right size for me.

In my earlier post I said that the leather patch would be black, this is wrong, it will be tan with a black print, like the 710BK's. I guess I misread the translated Japanese.

They will look pretty much the same as the 710's except for a few details like the buttons and the selvedge - they will have the same red/silver selvedge as the other ZERO models.

Go here and enter 'zerokuro' to see pictures and/or order a pair. If you buy a pair you will also have a chance of winning one of the three wallets with denim inlays!


ayn said...

wow, those Redmoon-like selvage denim wallets are too nice! hmm... I must resist... ;)

michael said...

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spacelounge said...

your survey is broken :s

michael said...

oh no! i do appreciate you taking a look-
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pablocham said...

Where did you order these? Also, do you know how long the wait is? Those look like some incredible jeans.

spacelounge said...

I ordered them from samurai-j.com, but you can also order from http://www.blueingreensoho.com/
or rakuten.co.jp/2nd.
The jeans will be shipped out around the 10th of August.

pablocham said...

Thanks, I placed my order.

Anonymous said...

so blue in green had a pair up for lottery of the bk5000 size 32

the 32 is my true to size waist should im thinking to soak them in warm and hope they wont stretch out way to big


should i get the xx005 blacks, I own the blues and there my favorite jeans

so basically pbj xx005 black or samurai bk

whats your take?


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