Monday, June 05, 2006

Right hand twill vs. left hand twill

Right hand twill and left hand twill have a couple of different characteristics, one is how they fade. The fade on LH twill generally looks a bit blurry compared to RH twill. See below for a comparison between Studio D'Artisan SD-101/102(RH) and SD-003(LH).




(In Studio D'Artisan's model numbers, the first digit specifies which denim is used, and the third digit refers to the cut. 103 and 003 are the same cut but different denim.)


Roland said...

Thanks for the comparison. Any info on how long both pairs of jeans have been worn? The 003s have only been out for about 6 months. The 103s look like they have at least a year on them. Of course, I'm not a jean crocking specialist.

spacelounge said...

The 101's have been worn for a year, and according to the guy who owned the 102's(got the pics from ebay), they were worn for 2 years, but I don't really believe that.

megga said...


I was reading up SDA denim on SF because I'm interested in getting some and I chanced upon your blog. Hopefully you will be able to help me. Since you have the S0500XX, I would like to ask how do the 103s fit in comparison to the Sams? Is it a slimmer fit? I have the S0500XX in a 36 and they fit fantastic but I don't want to go any slimmer. I'm torn between the 101s and the 103s. Is the cut between the 2 significant? Thanks in advance!

spacelounge said...

Hi, the 103s are a tad fuller cut, not much though. The thighs are about the same I guess, but the calves are a little wider on the 103s since they don't taper like the 0500. I am comparing a size 30 103 to a size 29 0500.
The 0500 is higher rise and actually bigger than tag size, so the if you wear a 36 in these, then maybe a 37 103 would fit you well, but they are only made up to 36.
The difference between the 101 and 103 is definitely noticeable, the 101 is fuller and has a higher rise.

megga said...

Thanks for the reply! Did the 0500 stretch out a lot for you? I'm thinking I could still go down a size with the 0500 so a 36 in 103 would still fit. Are your 103s stretched out to a 34 now or did they shrink to a 30 after a hot soak and then stretch back out to a 32?

megga said...

Sorry, I misread your reply. I meant are they stretched out to a 32 now or did they shrink to a 28 post soak and then stretch back out to a 30? Cheers!