Friday, February 02, 2007

S0500XX 2 Months

So, I've now reached two months of wear on the contest jeans. I am a bit behind some of the other contestants, both because I got my jeans almost 20 days late, and because I don't do a lot of physical work in them. I know that they will look great in November though, and hopefully the amount of wear will not be the biggest deciding factor.

It was very hard to capture the real color the denim, in some photos the wear was a little to pronounced and in some it look almost non-existant.

After taking these pictures I gave the jeans a hot soak to try to shrink them down further. I also soaked them after the first month, so they have a total of 3 hot soaks now.
The two latest soaks shrunk them 2 cm more in length, so the length is pretty much final now. The waist however does not shrink to less than 80 cm in circumference. Maybe with my first machine wash they will shrink a bit more.

I did not take after-pictures simply because no color is lost from a soak.

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