Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Denim Demon SS07 preview

A few days ago I had the opportunity to have a first look at the samples from Denim Demon's spring/summer collection. Denim Demon is a very small brand, likewise the new collection; it contains only 2 pairs of jeans and a logo t-shirt.

One of the two pairs is the updated Aajja, Denim Demon's first pair which was a '47-ish cut. The leg has been made slightly wider, only one centimetre or so in width, to make it less similar to the new model, Aahka.
The Aahka is inspired by the Levi's 1967 505 and thus it is the slimmer of the two cuts. To me, it's like a slimmed down version of the first Aajja, but it still has the high(er) rise, which means you can it both low and high, with equally good results.
There's also another difference between the two models - the girl in the backpocket is stitched in blue on the Aahka.

Both models have been updated material-wise - they are both made in the same 14.5 oz denim now. The new denim feels slightly more rough and the color is similar to the old denim, but not exactly the same.

The new collection will be released in early April, which is when you can expect to see a more in-depth post about it here!

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