Thursday, December 21, 2006

Denim Demon

Denim Demon is a new promising Swedish brand that came out with their first jeans just yesterday. They will definitely meet fierce competition in the other similar Swedish brands like Pace, Nudie, Bay Icon and De Palma, but I like Denim Demon more as I think there is more of a vintage-feel over them. That's no wonder, because the first model, shown below, is made after the Levi's 1947 501, but with straighter hips to make them look better worn low.

They are only made in 286 pairs, all individually numbered. Right now they are a Solo exclusive, but they will be sold in other stores come Spring. If you can't make it to the stores, you can email and they'll work something out for you, whether your inside or outside of Sweden.

These jeans are made in Italy and of Italian 13 1/4 oz denim. The denim is sanforized as well as singed, meaning the won't shrink much and that the hairy fibres have been removed.
They currently do not have hidden rivets on the backpockets and no crotch rivet, but that might change with the next batch.
The Spring collection will also include a slimmer, 505-like pair of jeans and a few t-shirts. The denim used for the Spring collection will be a heavier, 14.5 oz redline.

What really makes me like Denim Demon is the demon character and the fit. It's a well executed, slightly more modern cut that still has the authentic feel to it. The sizes are quite large though, so if you can't make it to the store but want a pair anyway, ask for measurements before ordering!

News from Denim Demon will be shown here and on!
Their site should be updated with more material in a day or so.

Worn together with a Harley Davidson wallet.

Compared to the '47 501.

The same lady demon that is on the paper tag is stitched on the inside of the right backpocket.
The backpockets are also half-lined.

Coin pocket selvedge.

Top, '47 501, bottom, Denim Demon.
They have a nice narrow and completely white selvedge.

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