Monday, December 18, 2006

From denim to body parts

.. just six-month it all!!

That's what Carla Boakes does with her hair.

Standing by a bar in a turquoise satin dress, her petite size eight figure and pretty features command a number of admiring glances from men and women alike.

In fact, one might go as far as to say she didn't have a hair out of place. And you would be right - because her hair isn't moving at all. The last time Carla washed it was six months ago.


"It doesn't always have great movement, but it does have a lot of body, is very shiny, healthy and rich in colour.

"It feels natural and chemical-free and I'm reluctant to reintroduce shampoo into my life again - especially because I've probably saved several hundred pounds on hair products.


"Night-time was the worst. With my head on the pillow, all I could do was smell how bad it was. It's difficult to describe what it was like - more musty than mouldy - but nevertheless unpleasant."

So bad was the smell during those first few weeks that Carla almost threw in the proverbial towel - not that she needed one to dry her hair with anyway.


"Also, we all shed skin which sits on the scalp unless it's shampooed away. If you have a dry scalp, massaging the glands when you shampoo it helps stimulate oil production and nourishes the skin."

Marilyn Sherlock, chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, is also doubtful.

"There is no way hair will start cleaning itself with natural oils. Natural oils actually attract dirt and nothing apart from a good shampoo will get rid of it."

I actually knew someone who did something similar, but it was more because he was a dirty person. Didn't work out that well for him.

I'm going to try and find her email and get her hooked on denim!

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