Monday, December 04, 2006

Jeans night at SOLO

I went to SOLO's jeans night last saturday for some denim action.
They were selling pieces from old LVC, Lee Originals and Wrangler Blue Bell collections at half price and the beer was free, doesn't get much better than that.
They had some rare pieces since a lot of the stuff was from older collections, most of it I probably won't see again. I don't know if the things that didn't sell are still out in the store, I'd suggest you go and check it out, maybe you can get a nice deal still.
I'm a little sad that I only bought a pair of Wrangler cords, but I have "enough" jeans(not that you can ever have enough jeans..) well, at least in proportion to how much money I have.
I can't afford to start collecting right now as I am still a student. I really need to get a job to support my expensive habits, I don't want to miss out on something like this again!
Anyway, I had a great time, I wish these things would happen more often!

Skull Jean 5507

'47 501

'67 505 1.5 years

Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Selvedge one year


Olle said...

Grym kväll, även om jag bara kom därifrån med två par. Har du koll på vad lillkillen hade för jeans?

spacelounge said...

Japp, det var grymt! Ångrar fortfarande att jag inte köpte mer :/

Såg tyvärr inte vad det var för jeans, Nudie har ju barnstorlekar men jag tror inte att det var Nudie, Pace kanske? Gå dit och fråga vetja! :)

lilldavid said...

jag är nästan helt säker på att det är acne, dom gjorde bebisjeans med stadkant förra året...

Julien B said...


I am from Holland. I love the way Solo gives there party's/ Sale's.

But could you tell me what jean the guy is wearing on the 6th an the 7the picture?? He wear's a blue red and white Hemd.

I know the jean is a Lee, but i want to know the exact details of the jean.

Thanks mate,

Greetzz from Holland

Julien B

spacelounge said...

Hi Julien, they're Lee 1928 or 1934.