Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Samurai news

Samurai just released a "new"(it's actually been produced before), slim cut - the S0710, this time in 19oz denim. It's supposed to be close to as slim as the S0505, but my S0500s are slimmer than my 505s, whilst being a larger size, so they might be a better buy if you want a slim cut. Can't be that much of a difference though.
However, I'm sad to say that I won't be getting a pair of the S0710XX19oz since I already have three pairs of Samurais, two of them being blue. People would think I was wearing the same pair of jeans everyday since they look so similar!! Wait.. I already do..
The only way I see myself getting a pair is if Samurai would send me a pair for a review and "promotional" purposes(hint, hint Toshiko.)

The S0710 has the usual details like hidden rivets, two-tone stitching, silver selvedge and so on, but the unusual black backpocket stitching. A nice change, especially as I sometimes think my Samurais are a little too flashy.

You'll be able to pre-order them at in mid-January.

Hopefully the 19oz denim isn't as annoying as the denim of the S0500XX and S5000VX/BK and shrinks to tag size. The latter two shrinks to 2-3 inches bigger than tag size with a couple of soaks and apparently need a wash or two to come down to tag size. I don't like it.
My competition jeans are hang-drying after their second soak by the way, they're about a month old now and I'll be posting pictures in a few days. isn't working right now, but you can see pics of the other contestants' jeans at, hopefully the domain will be pointed at this site instead soon.

Samurai also posted the winners in the S5000BK lottery and our thoughts about the wallets. Go here to see what I said, and what the other two said, if you can read Japanese.


ayn said...

I really like these, definitely gonna check them out if Self Edge carries them... I love Samurai but they always fit a bit too baggy for me, even my girlfriend's Geisha's look strange on me, maybe I will just have to get used to the repo cut and look on myself... a lot of Superfuture peeps look great with them on...

I do agree that the arcuates are a bit flashy and the black ones are definitely a nice touch... I wonder if the black stitchings would fade to different color like the 45rpm nardo x nardo...

spacelounge said...

hi ayn!

about the fit, just the a small size in the S0500 and it should work out fine, I think they're slimmer than your girls jeans are.
They may not end up looking quite as slim as Nudie's or some other modern brand's slimmer cuts, but is that really negative, and is slimmer always better?
I personally love a regular fit with a higher rise worn high with a snug fit, which is why the 66 501 is my favourite cut. The S0500 is similar to it, maybe a tad more fitted seat. They work fine worn both low and high.
I'm quite slender myself and I guess you are too, I'd recommend the Flat Head 3001 & 3008(66 cut, probably my next Japanese pair), Samurai 710, 505, 500 and also the 5000 but it's not quite as slim as the other Samurais I mentioned. Also the Fullcount 1108(66), Fob F151(the closest to the LVC 47 501?), Skulle, PBJ etc etc, there's a lot out there!

By the way, I saw your girlfriends jeans, she looked great in them, wish I had one like that!! ;)

I don't think the thread in the arcuate will fade, as it's meant to get more and mroe visible with time. I've also seen some worn pics and the threads seem to hold their color well.
Nando x Nando, I need those too!

spacelounge said...

And about the flashiness of Samurai; when I was wearing my APC and SDs I thought they were a bit dull, so the Samurais were a nice change.
Now I want something a little more toned down, grass and green, you know.

I've had blank, I've had dull and I've had flashy.
The next time I'll probably go for 'weird', as in Flat Head.

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